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The Awakened Series is multi-platform project that shares the collective wisdom of personal development experts from around the world on topics that are designed to "awaken" our personal lives, our health, our purpose, our community and ultimately the world.

We call it a series and "multi-platform" because each topic will be delivered through a series of e-courses, books, an interview tour, and a mobile app called The Personal Development App (The PDA), which is the largest personal growth content app in app stores today.


The e-courses in this series will be available exclusively through The PDA as an instant access app course using our proprietary e-course technology built into the app. We call these courses "Mega" Courses because each will contain 30 individual lessons, each containing a video, written expansion on the topic (article), a journal lesson (where you get a personal understanding of this lesson in your life), Resources (Facebook group access, documents and information), and the Q&A interview we film on the tour with each of the experts featured in the course.

In total there will be over 150 lessons offered by 150 different experts, with a new lesson delivered every two days and access to the experts in each lesson to take that lesson to a whole new level while engaging with incredible transformational leaders.

A user of The PDA can experience up to 7 free lessons before purchasing an individual course, or get the entire e-course series, at a very low cost.

Which topic best fits your message?

Awakened Self

In this course our experts focus on your inner journey and the path to "personal transformation" through varies approaches, modalities, and teachings that is all about the way you see yourself internally and how that shows up in your life.

Awakened Health

It is our belief that to walk an "Awakened" path a person must focus on their physical health and vitality. This course features 30 health & wellness experts and their approach to having a life full of energy and vitality that will make it easier to achieve greater success and purpose in life.

Awakened Purpose

As you strengthen your inner being most people will want to explore a more aligned purpose and mission in life that matches that inner transformation. In this course, 30 new experts will guide people to finding more purpose and meaning in their life and how to step into that new purpose with greater focus and intention.

Awakened Community

Your community is your tribe (family, friends, coworkers) AND the people that surround you (total strangers, daily connections), whom you meet and have as part of your life in some big or small way. 30 new experts will guide you in strengthening your community presence and being a bright light and example that inspires everyone around you.

Awakened World

The final course offers two elements - experts from around the world who share their most profound wisdom based on their cultural experiences and approaches and topics that are designed to inspire us to transform the world into the global community we believe it can be.

the Awakened Tracka'Books™

The next big component of our Awakened project is the publishing and distribution of our Awakened Tracka'Books™. These small books are Viral marketing books that are "trackable", meaning through the app a person can read it, track it, pass it along and then watch it create ripples of change in people's lives. As an expert in this series you will contribute a short written piece to the book topic you are a part of.

How Do Tracka'Books™ Work?

People read the Tracka'Books™.Then they download the FREE Personal Development App, where they can track the path of the book (where has been it and where it will go after them.)This gives them access to the profiles of each expert in the book and the content they offer through their profile, including special offers and ways to engage with them further.Then they pass the series on to someone else to read, track, and access each Expert's content in the App, allowing those messages to ripple out into the world!

The Awakened Interview Tour

Starting in April our team will travel around to locations in the US and Canada to meet up with our Awakened Experts, those of you that decide to be a part of this series, to conduct and professionally film an interview on your work and the series topic that you're a part of.

Main Tour Footage Uses

What we shoot on the tour will be used for two purposes:
As Q&A content for the course in the lesson you are creatingA possible docu-series called The Awakened Series Documentary
Your role in this tour is to show up at a scheduled time at a location nearest to you. The total time of the interview is 30 minutes or less and questions we ask will be provided prior to the interview so you are prepped to answer them in the most powerful way.

We are making it a requirement of all participants who are located in the US and Canada to participate in the tour if they choose to be a part of the series overall as an Awakened Expert. This helps us provide a level of professional and focused content for the courses and allows us to provide you additional exposure to your message in future projects, such as the documentary we are hoping to produce and release through the PDA and other channels.

Tour Locations & Dates (subject to change)

Toronto - May 21st, 22ndOrlando - May 31stAustin - June 7thLas Vegas - June 14th

San Diego - June 18thCalgary - June 24thVancouver - June 28th

Become an Awakened Expert In This Series

If you are on this site then it may mean you are an expert that can contribute wisdom to our Awakened Series. There are many benefits to being one of our Awakened Experts, which is detailed below but first we need you to understand what is required of you to be considered for this project. Here is what you'll need to do or provide to us as one of the experts:

Once you are chosen for an Awakened Series topic (Self, Health, Purpose, Community or World) you'll need to provide content for one of the lessons in that course. This includes:

A video on that topic related to your message (long or short)An article or written expansion on this message (you can also provide an audio file)A Journal Lesson that personalizes this message in peoples lives (we provide format and guidance)Additional resources (documents or other ways to engage with you on your topic)

You'll be required, unless you are outside the US or Canada, to meet us on our Awakened Tour this summer to record your interview for the Q&A section of your lesson and a possible future docu-series. We are exploring the possibility of a documentary series from these interviews so we require full participation in the tour in addition to providing content for the course.

Finally you'll be required to provide us with a short "Action" lesson for The Awakened Series Tracka'Book™ that you'll be featured in.

NOTE: Our preference is that you provide us with fresh content that is specific to this series and topic instead of re-purposing existing content you have. Also, we only offer one lesson to each expert under one topic.

Why Would You Want To Be An Awakened Expert?

There are many reasons why this opportunity is a good investment in your business and message (yes there is a low cost to be an expert in The Awakened Series). Here are the main benefits to your business:

We provide our e-course students access to you through the courses and give them ways they can engage with you outside the course. If they enjoy your message then under the resources section they will find an offer to work with you. In most cases a single customer from a course, which will be accessed by thousands, will give you an immediate return on your cost to participate in the series as one of the experts. You will get 100 copies of the Tracka'Books™ you are featured in to sell or give away. If you sell them at the low cost we suggest then you'll not only get your investment back but you'll earn a small profit. You'll get a Full Profile in the PDA, which allows you to share content on an ongoing basis with ALL of our app users. This alone is worth $499 and is a powerful way to reach and teach people your message. You can create your own separate e-course that can be sold through the PDA, of which you get 40% of each and every sale. The cost to create your own PDA e-course is half off for our Awakened Series experts. This is how you can monetize your message using the traffic of the PDA.
Not only are you positioned in this series as an expert but you'll have paths to generate revenue through attracting new clients to your business or selling your own separate course through the PDA.

What's Next To Join The Awakened Series?

We do not list the cost here for there are different options that are defined by your conversation with us first. We can guarantee that the cost is VERY affordable so that anyone can participate. You just need a message that fits the mission of this project.

If you are inspired by the overall mission of this project and want to be one of the experts who contribute your teachings in it AND you understand the requirements of yourself as an expert and the benefits you can get from it then next step is to setup a call to discuss your involvement in it. Click the button below to set a time with Robert Evans, co-creator of The PDA.